50 Aussie Cult Faves You DIDN’T Know Were Vegan

Vegan-curious, but fear that “you won’t be able to eat junk food anymoreeee”…. 

Legends, we’re here to tell ya that with a plant-based diet – repeat after us –

👏 you 👏 can 👏 still 👏eat 👏 most 👏 of 👏 your 👏 fave 👏 guilty 👏 pleasures 👏

Here, we have done the research for you and are stoked to announce FIFTY of our Aussie cult faves that are not only scrumptious, but vegan too!  So yes – with a vegan diet, you can still consume these same Aussie classics you’ve enjoyed since childhood.   Can we get a hawwwwwwyea! 🤩

Also – just a little disclaimer before we continue,  always remember that just because something is labelled as ‘vegan’, ‘plant-based’ or ‘cruelty-free’, does not always mean that it is HEALTHY for our bodies.   There are massive misconceptions encircling the idea that all gluten-free and cruelty-free foods are a healthier replacement to omnivorous meals.  This is not always the case – especially with sugary treats that are high in trans fats, saturated fats, salts and additives!   Although deserts and treats may not add much nutritional value to our diets; partaking a vegan diet overall does assist with the reduction of environmental issues, waste, and harm to animals! 🤎🌱

( Side note –  non-vegan products such as dairy ice cream and yoghurt are out of the picture, but look at all these other sweets you can indulge!! 🤤 )

Oki oki, let’s look at this list of our Aussie Cult faves, shall we?! 🕺🏽🕺🏽

B I S C U I T S  &  C H I P S  🍟🍪 

  1. Oreos

2.  Burger Rings

3.  French Fries

4.  CC’s Dorito chips in Original

5.  Coles brand Salted popcorn

6.  Red Rock Deli Chips in Sea Salt

7.  Ritz Crackers

8.  Original & BBQ Pringles

9.  Coles Bakery Vegan Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookies

10.  Grain Waves chips: Original, Sweet Chilli, Sweet Chilli Jam Plus Beetroot

11.  Red Rock Deli Potato Chips: Sea Salt,  Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, Thai Chilli and Lime, Sea Salt and Black Truffle

12.  Arnott’s Original BBQ Shapes

L O L L I E S  🍬🍭 

13. Wizz Fizz

14. Woolworths Licorice Twists Original, Strawberry

15.  Wonka Gobstoppers

16.  Aeroplane Glitter Jelly – Berry Blue, Lime and Strawberry flavours (uses vegan gelatin)

17.  Jila Sugar Free Mints: Spearmint, Peppermint

18.  Chupa Chups: Cola, Orange

19.  Hubba Bubba bubblegum (strawberry, tangy tropical, strawberry watermelon)

20.  Zappo Sour Straws

C E R E A L S 

21.  Coco Pops

22. Uncle Tobys quick oat sachets in brown sugar and cinnamon

23.  Kellogg’s All Bran: Original, Wheat Flakes, Apple Flavoured Crunch

24.  Kellogg’s Cornflakes

25.  Sanitarium Weet-Bix

26.  Kellogg’s Special K With Protein Plus

27.  Uncle Toby’s Plus Fibre Apples & Sultanas

S A V O U R Y   D I S H E S  🥣🌾 

28.  McCain and BirdsEye Hash Browns and Potato Gems

29.  Ho Mai Yum Cha Cocktail Vegetable Spring Rolls

30.  McDonald’s French fries

31.  Coles Hash Browns

32.  Taco Bell’s Bean Burrito

33.  Heinz Canned Soups – Very Special Homestyle Veg and Barley, Spicy Lentil

34.  Heinz – Baked Beans in Rich Tomato

35.  Woolworths Homebrand Garlic Bread (however, contains palm oil)

36.  Bakers Delight Fruit Bun

37.  Coles Waffle Ice Cream Cones: Plain

38.  Woolworths Hot Cross Buns

39.  Coles Organic Canned Spaghetti

D I P S  ,  S P R E A D S   &   S A U C ES  🥫

40.  Vegemite

41.  Marmite

42.  Lotus Biscoff

43.  Hopper 100’s & 1000’s Blue

44.  Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

45.  Old El Paso – Taco Sauce (Mild, Medium, and Hot)

C O L D   D E S S E R T S 🍨🍡

46.  Calippo Icy Poles

47. Non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s Choc-Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream

48.  Woolworths Select Wild berry Fruit Pops

49.  Peters Frosty Fruits Icy poles – Tropical flavour only

50.  Streets Magnum Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramel Sticks

Fambam – did we surprise ya? 😜🤘🏽

Guess what!?  This is only a short list of guilty pleasures a plant-based diet enables – say whaaaa?

Time to chuck these vegan bad-boys on the shopping-list 😌✔️

👇 What treats shocked you the most?!  Let us know in the comments below, we would loooove to hear! 👇

 Big Love 

YB x

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