Why Bottomless Brunch is so HOT Right now in Melbourne

Yeah, brunch with the pals is cool, but have you tried a BOTTOMLESS Boozey Brunch?!  Some mornings are meant for early gym get-ups, yoga classes or sleep-ins;  while others are destined for measureless margaritas.  And when you’re vibin’ that sort of morning, there’s only one thing to do: bottomless boozey brunch with your bae, boo or besties. 🤩 

Legends, turn that almond latte into an espresso martini because Bottomless Boozey Brunch in Melbourne is POPPIN’ right now – especially with Victorian weather turning up the heat this summer! 

Since Melbournians said goodbye to the longest lockdown in history, it kind of makes sense that bottomless drinks made a comeback –  A celebration of freedom!  Viola! A resurgence of the bottomless boozy brunches.  💁🏽‍♀️😻

If you fancy a coupl’a bao buns with a few cheeky beers, or tacos with tequila – Whatever it is, Boozey Brunch is suited to any sort of occasion. Keep those cheeky bevs flowing and you have a party on your hands. 🥳🍸 

For some, a bottomless brunch might seem outrageous and maybe even a tad unnecessary; but for us, bottomless brunch is totes the way to go. Especiallyyyyy for our insta-baddies and TikTok-fam who gotta get that scrumptious content ( like srsly guys, imagine how FINE your table would look with a zillion colourful cocktails ) 🤤 📸 

Nevertheless, it is great for getting your money’s worth. Free-flowing martinis, endless Elderflower Plum Gimlets and a belly-full of wholesome food? Not to mention, endless laughs, spontaneity, fun memories AND no-one can tell you off for doing so??


Count. Us. Tf. In. 🤩 🤩 🤩

It would be rude to not hop on board this booze train, so here at Yeah Boy, we’ve added our OWN Bottomless Boozey Brunch Package to our Windsor venue! 🍷 

Level up with the BEST and indulge in UNLIMITED house cocktails, beer, spirits & wine – all for $89ea! Plus a selection of YB’s fave dishes & desserts, catered to YOUR dietary wants, wishes and requirements❣️

Drink n Clink with us from 11:30am every Saturday & Sunday in Windsor 😻🍸🍹

Thirsty now? Fambam, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!  😜🔥

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